GRAFFITI [grafiti ]. n . plural. (sing. Graffito , 1866 ; orig.  Italian) 
Scribble, scratching or scribble, to often satirical or grotesque character, focused on antique structure walls and, by extension, that figuring on does not import what wall.
For archaeologists and  paleographers, the term " graffiti ", serves to distinguish cursive popular inscriptions of official inscriptions, formal, found on monuments antiques. 
In society possessing a complex cultural organization, graffiti play equally a great role. Some of these representations figure the sexual act. In contemporary cities, a pictorial expression has developed , the " tag ", that is found in the frontier between the graffiti and the work of art . Products most often by dropouts, these drawings relate to registered signatures illicitly on walls.

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400 new pics of Bubbles&Chromes now ! Enjoy !


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